Volleyball Australia

Gallagher is extremely proud to be appointed as the risk management and insurance broker to Volleyball Australia.

Gallagher has been working with the sporting industry for more than 30 years. This experience has enabled Gallagher to develop insurance risk mitigation programmes that identify and address exposures specific to the sport of Volleyball.

The activities conducted during the development of a unified sports insurance program are exciting, but often intricate, complex and extensive. Gallagher recognise the importance of working alongside our clients to develop an insurance solution that addresses your physical, legal and financial risks. We are committed to aligning our services with the Volleyball community, assisting to achieve your goals and objectives with the least amount of impact on your day to day activities

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Public liability and professional indemnity insurance

This liability insurance is tailored to provide cover for the administration, promotion, organisation and conducting of Volleyball. Provided an organisation is only involved in sanctioned Volleyball Australia activities, they will not generally require any additional public liability cover. Should a club operate a commercial sporting facility (indoor or beach) they may require additional insurance protection for this operation.

Professional indemnity provides legal liability for accredited coaches and officials, arising from a breach of their professional duty, error or omission.

Personal accident

This cover is implemented to provide specified benefits to members if they are injured whilst participating in sanctioned Volleyball Australia events. Excellent value premiums have been achieved through conducting a full sporting risk analysis, premium pooling via a national program and assistance in implementing good risk management procedures. Whilst this summary of cover outlines what can be considered the 'standard' benefits and sums insured, we would strongly encourage all participants to take out Private Health, Life and Income Protection Insurance according to their own individual circumstances.

Association liability program

This policy provides cover to participating affiliated state, league and incorporated club bodies according to the policies definition of a subsidiary. The cover extends to any natural person who has been, now is or shall become an elected director or trustee, elected or appointed officers, employee or committee member (whether or not salaried) of the insured and any natural person acting in a voluntary capacity on behalf of the insured and at the specific direction of such organisations.

Property insurance program

Gallagher, in conjunction with Volleyball Australia, has developed a tailored policy wherein all Volleyball offices, clubs, and sporting centres are invited to join a comprehensive policy to cover your equipment, office or property. Not only does this policy include the standard covers, it also includes additional benefits and cover limits over and above what the standard policy includes.

Certificate of Currency

To request a Certificate of Currency, please contact us on 1800 SPORT 0 or sport.Brisbane@ajg.com.au.

Claims information

How to make a personal accident claim
All claims should be lodged at least within 30 days of the date of injury. When a player or official is injured and wishes to submit a claim the following procedure needs to be followed:

  • Obtain a specialised sports injury claim form from the download section or by calling 1800 SPORT 0 (1800 776 780) or emailing sport.brisbane@ajg.com.au.
  • Arrange for your treating doctor to complete the “Doctors Statement”.
  • Arrange for your State manager to complete the “Declaration”.
  • If claiming for loss of income, have your employer complete the “Employer Statement”.
  • Send your fully completed claim form to the below:

Volleyball Australia Claims
GPO Box 1113

Email: sport.brisbane@ajg.com.au

Fax: (07) 3367 5100

Gallagher will send to Volleyball Australia / State Administrator for confirmation of membership registration details.

How to make a public and professional liability claim

It is essential that you notify Gallagher on 1800 SPORT 0 (1800 776 780) of any potential claim. Gallagher will then provide you with advice as how to proceed.

Q1 Non-members or members playing in non-sanctioned events, or overseas players

Are non-members and overseas players covered; or Volleyball Australia members participating in non-sanctioned events covered by the Volleyball Australia National Insurance Program?

No. Any participant in an event (including social events) who is not a registered player, is not insured. They must be a registered Volleyball Australia player and the event must be sanctioned. If any member participates in an event that is not sanctioned by Volleyball Australia or the Affiliated State/Association/Club, they too are not insured and must check the insurance offered by the event organiser. If you are running an event or any activity outside the scope of Volleyball Australia, we can assist with our Sports Insurance Program. Simply contact us via 1800 SPORT 0 for further details.

Q2 Emergency transport expenses

What is the process for claiming for emergency transport expenses?

  1. Incident occurs (club / organiser will have a log of the incident and is responsible for submitting incident report to Gallagher).
  2. Transport provided / Player is billed by transport provider.
  3. Player claims via private/public insurance in first instance. Private/public insurance may not cover full cost of transport which can then be claimed against the VA national personal accident policy.
  4. Gap between private/public insurance can be claimed against the personal accident policy. The personal accident cover is conditional on the event incident reports/logs being received from Organisers.
  5. Claim for emergency transport occurs after account with transport provider has been settled.

Players are encouraged to settle their account directly with the transport provider before seeking reimbursement through the personal accident policy. This will ensure that the player does not incur penalty charges. However, the insurer can pay the emergency transport provider directly, under the following circumstances.
When private / public insurance exists: once player has claimed via private / public insurance, the benefit statement and emergency transport invoice can be lodged with the personal accident claim and the insurer will settle the gap directly to the transport provider.

Q3 Medicare gap

Does this insurance cover the ‘GAP’ between the cost of medical treatment and the Medicare rebate e.g. physicians, surgeons, anaesthetists?

No. Government legislation does not allow it. This policy cannot by law cover medical expenses that are covered by Medicare, including the gap between the expense and the Medicare rebate. However, if an injured VA member is covered by private health insurance, the personal accident policy will pay the balance above the private health insurance refund on expenses not claimable through the Medicare system, subject to the percentage reimbursement, the limit per injury and the excess applicable.

Q4 Weekly benefits – timeframe for payment

If I am eligible, what is the ongoing timeframe for payments of the weekly benefit?

Once the initial paperwork has been received and processed and the benefit has been deemed as available to your situation, we will request that you provide a doctors certificate outlining the dates that you are away from your employment and the condition from which you currently suffer. This certificate must not be longer than 4 weeks away from work and must be provided every 4 weeks.

Q5 Expenses timeline

My injury seemed to be okay, so I continued playing. 13 months later I require surgery, can I claim?

No. Any expense incurred more than 12 months from the initial date of injury is not covered. You also require medical advice to return back to playing.

Q6 Commercial Operations

I’m running my own coaching business or commercial sports facility, am I insured under the VA programme?

Only if the program you are running is sanctioned by VA, and all participants are VA registered players.  

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