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Lasting Impact

In a world full of risks, Gallagher is committed to addressing those risks head on and making a lasting impact in the world and communities we work in. 

We believe, at their core, that sustainability and insurance have a common vision: safeguarding the future. Within our 2019 sustainability report: Lasting Impact, we demonstrate that Gallagher and its people embrace and demonstrate this shared commitment to operate in a sustainable fashion each and every day. 

Building on our 2018/2019 corporate social responsibility report: Blueprint for Better, we wanted to focus in on our ongoing sustainability efforts. The efforts highlighted within this report move beyond just policies and procedures, focusing in on the efforts of our greatest asset: our people. Download our full report to find out more about Gallagher’s commitment to sustainability.


“We support one another. We believe in one another. We acknowledge and respect the ability of one another."
Tenet #2, The Gallagher Way

Corporate Social Responsibility

Gallagher calls 35 countries home, yet our mission to improve the world transcends borders and cultures. Whether on or off the grid, our teams strive to leave the communities we serve better than we found them.

You cannot engineer integrity; you must act upon it. We strive every day to provide environmental, social and economic benefits to the communities in which we live and work.

For more than 90 years, a lifetime of ethical and socially responsible decision making. We’re fortunate to serve in a manner that exceeds the corporate standard. It’s how we’ve operated since 1927, and it’s grounded us even as we’ve grown from a small brokerage into a Fortune 500 company.

But we’re just getting started, and by following The Gallagher Way - our blueprint for success - we’ll continue to establish trust with the communities we serve. Download the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report to discover how.


Community Engagement

We know it is not enough to simply sketch out our vision of engagement. When communities and businesses are impacted by the natural disasters that call Australia home, we work with those communities, on the ground, so that they can get back on their feet as quickly as possible. When a devastating drought gripped farming communities in multiple states, our branches around Australia came together and raised $10,000 to support farmers in need.

Koalas Sustainability
Preserving the environment is more than moral imperative; it’s sound business strategy. At Gallagher, we connect the dots between our environmental impact and best practices to ensure energy efficiency.

“We adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior."
Tenet #21, The Gallagher Way

Ethical approach

Eight years of being recognised as one of the world’s most ethical companies
We follow our blueprint no matter who’s watching. Though we’re honoured to be recognised as a global ethics leader for the eighth consecutive year, conducting business justly is rewarding in its own right.

The Ethisphere® Institute is the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices. On an annual basis, the Ethisphere® Institute honours companies that recognise their critical role to influence and drive positive change in the business community and societies around the world and work to maximise their impact wherever possible.

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