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AJG bolsters workplace risk expertise

Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG) is bringing a fresh perspective to tailored Workplace Risk solutions with the arrival of risk specialist, Vivienne Toll as their new Head of Workplace Risk. As part of this move, Vivienne will lead a national team of experienced risk strategists and workplace solutions experts.

Following a successful career in Workers Compensation and WHS, in various roles within Broker and Scheme Agent territory, Vivienne will tap into a broader opportunity by covering the full spectrum of employee and employer related workplace risks.

Vivienne provides some background context on the rationale for this growth opportunity for AJG, “Workers Compensation is a multi-billion dollar industry in Australia. Work related injury and illness was estimated to cost the Australian economy in excess of $60 billion, the equivalent of around 5% of Australian GDP. More than 1.5 million weeks were lost in 2015 from work related injuries and in the region of 120,000 serious claims.”

“With the emergence of the digital workplace, the workplace risk profile is rapidly changing and becoming more complex. It’s no longer essential to work in a large city office and, with an increasingly agile workforce, we need to start thinking outside of the conventional workplace model to reframe the solution. Our team is well placed to have that discussion and show the next generation of businesses the way forward.”

“As a general rule of thumb, roughly 50% of every client’s insurance spend is related in some respect to workers compensation.”

“The market is estimated to be worth something in the region of $15 billion in GWP and there has been a considerable push in recent years by Australia’s largest insurance companies for the privatisation of state-run workers compensation regimes. This presents a significant opportunity for us to become a key player in this space and supports our longer term intention to become the market leader,” Vivienne concludes.

Andrew Godden, CEO Australia adds to this, “Vivienne is a known entity to our business and many of our clients having previously worked at OAMPS (acquired by Arthur J. Gallagher in December 2014) and Gallagher Bassett. With more than 15 years’ experience in workplace safety, occupational health, workers compensation, Vivienne brings deep technical capability in this space and is extremely well connected in Australia’s business community.”

Arthur J. Gallagher’s workers’ compensation practice has substantial experience across all states of Australia and has been instrumental in significantly reducing the financial cost of workers’ compensation for many organisations. Navigating a complex legal and regulatory system, Arthur J. Gallagher provides a comprehensive range of services to assist in managing your workers’ compensation risks covering all aspects of workplace risk management.

Call 02 9242 2084 to discuss workplace risk solutions for your business. Alternatively, visit our Workers’ Compensation page for more about information about our range of productions and solutions.

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