10 ways jewellers can reduce the risk of an armed robbery

Across the nation jewellers are re-evaluating their security practices following a recent string of armed robberies in Victoria, Queensland and other parts of Australia.

Now is the time to start taking your businesses security seriously

‘Many shop owners and jewellers think they’re not at risk of armed robbery because their businesses are based in the suburbs, or in other quieter more affluent areas,’ says Ed Vincent our Underwriting Services Manager. ‘But that’s not the case at all. In reality, you may be more at risk if your business is in a suburban area. We’ve seen thieves target jewellers in quieter neighbourhoods because they’re not as populated; there’s less foot traffic and therefore more opportunity to commit a crime and get away before the police arrive.’

The bottom line: you can’t afford to put your business on the line and risk the safety of your staff or your customers. Better security starts with you, so take the time to review your security practice and be proactive about managing your risks.

10 practices that can reduce the risk of armed robberies

Better risk management is essential given current events, but it isn’t complicated. In our latest free guide, we'll show you ten ways you can reduce the risk of armed robberies and better protect yourself, your staff and your customers. They’re not mandatory by law and you don’t have to follow all of them; just think of them as helpful advice or food for thought. 

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