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Tried and trusted: 40 years protecting fuel carriers and distributors

Published 13 December 2019

For over 40 years Gallagher has been the proud insurance partner to the fuel industry. Managing risks for transporting fuel and other dangerous goods calls for an in-depth understanding of the practicalities involved; a comprehensive insurance solution with the scope to meet the needs of the sector, and a 24/7 emergency response when it’s required. That’s what we do for our clients at Gallagher.

In today’s environment, where fuel distributors and transporters are increasingly responsible for the outcomes of a spill or other incident involving fuel, it's imperative to know that they're covered across all areas of their business. The difference between having the right comprehensive insurance cover arranged by an expert, can be crucial to the future of fuel carrying operations in the aftermath of an incident.



Over four decades' sector experience

Gallagher isn’t just the biggest transport insurance broker in Australia. To fully meet the needs of the industry we have leveraged more than 40 years’ background in dangerous goods and relationships with Australian peak industry organisations to tailor our exclusive insurance solution: Oilpac.

Gallagher has developed a 'tried and true' fuel and dangerous goods insurance package to protect a range of exposures and industry operators, including

  • petroleum and hazardous cartage contractors
  • fuel distributors and associated retailers
  • oil companies
  • importers of petroleum products
  • petroleum industry contractors.

Proven performance

The Oilpac insurance package is a tailored combination of Gallagher experience and industry input. Exclusive to Gallagher, it's been put together to cover all the potential risk exposures, on competitive terms, no matter what type of fuel or dangerous goods business our clients are in. These are bundled to save time and paperwork, so clients can focus on their core business.

Features for fuel carriers and distributors include

  • tankers, trailers and related equipment covered for full replacement or agreed value with no age limit
  • wholesale value of product automatically covered
  • protection for airside, rail and marine activities
  • plant equipment and wet stock anywhere in Australia
  • 60+ available endorsements to industrial special risks, including industry-specific options
  • other additional and optional endorsements available for professional risks, tax audit and legal expenses
  • liability covers multiple possible exposures with generous indemnity for various situations.

Oilpac’s history as an industry-specific insurance means it’s not only the most relevant cover our clients can buy, it’s also competitive. This is due to its long-standing status and the fact that it is sold only to the fuel industry. Since the fuel sector as a whole has fewer claims than some other sectors, Oilpac retains its competitive edge in value for money.

Built-in flexibility

With our wide range of available features and options we have the resources to create a personalised insurance solution for every client’s unique operational needs. This could include one or more of the examples listed below.

  1. Environmental impacts

    If you have an accident or spill our Oilpac insurance covers the costs of environmental damage to the full indemnity limit and provides 24/7 emergency response.
  2. Business interruption

    Our business income protection feature helps pay running costs if a business is forced to suspend operations.
  3. Free advice and contract reviews

    Our experts can vet sub-contractor agreements to ensure they comply with the requirements that apply to insurance cover.
  4. Cyber security protection

    Service station chains’ banking transactions have been targeted by cyber criminals exploiting weaknesses in security systems. Our cyber insurance cover can help limit losses and reputational damage.
  5. Tax audit costs

    The fuel industry has also recently been subject to Australian Tax Office (ATO) scrutiny. With the average cost of an audit averaging $25,000 it pays to have tax audit insurance.

The experience that our dedicated Gallagher fuel brokers have in this specific industry can’t be underestimated. They can make sure the cover is relevant, is gap-free and can evolve  with our clients as their business grows.

We've got your back

If a fuel or dangerous goods incident occurs, a sense of urgency is paramount. Gallagher has the real-life experience to ensure immediate action is taken and the claim is managed from the time of the incident right through to claim resolution. 

We are proud to be the experts in insurance for the Australian fuel carrying and distribution sector.  Our full service insurance broking and risk management offering means we can to look after all of our clients’ business risks, such as workers’ compensation, cyber insurance and management liability, in addition to being able to help with employee benefits.


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To the extent that any material in this document may be considered advice, it does not take into account your objectives, needs or financial situation. You should consider whether the advice is appropriate for you and review any relevant Product Disclosure Statement and policy wording before taking out an insurance policy.

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