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The cost of 'Worry' for your sporting club or association

Published 08 October 2015

Blog images65.jpgWorry has a cost. That cost can be money, time, attention, resignation or reduction in members or volunteers. Worry can cost your association or club the chance of accomplishing something great. If risk can be defined as “uncertainty,” and worry can be defined as “a state of uncertainty,” then worry is a risk.

And if worry is a risk, it should be managed.
Worry should be on every committee’s agenda.

Risk management has been accused of being the Department of Worry, as if we create worry. But we do not. As a colleague of mine says, risk management “should be the Department of Better.”

The opposite of worry is not contentment or success or bliss. The opposite of worry by definition is faith. It is faith that gives you complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

So how do risk advisors turn worry into faith? We focus on what we do best: planning, systems and action. Shine a light on worry down to its roots: “the unknown tomorrow.” Then create a plan and act on that plan.

Risk advisors should be relied upon as standard-bearers for faith, the opposite of worrying. Our goal should be to build faith into the plan.

As risk managers, we feel relevant when we help associations and clubs succeed. Wouldn’t you be proud to hear from your members or boss, “This is our risk manager. She builds faith into our strategic plan.”

There is an old American proverb that states, “Action is worry’s worst enemy.” If action is truly the antidote to worry, then why do so many organizations fail to act, at least to the point where they can build some faith and trust? Instead, they continue to worry and absorb the cost.

Worry invests organizational focus, time, and energy into “prevent defense” mode rather than focusing on the next innovative play that could put points on the board, and could create that new product or service or opportunity.

What opportunity is your association or club missing because you are worried about an uncertainty and failing to take action, an action that will produce faith in your members, your organization and its future?

Let’s add worry to the planning list and develop a system to address it within the organization. Stay dedicated to the mission, the high ideal that the association was founded on. Keep innovating, but plan and act.

Worry has a cost. Worry can rob your association of its “best possible future.”

Instead of succumbing to worry, choose to spend time producing faith and trust by helping create an exciting plan to navigate the next years of your strategic plan.


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