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Logistics operator deploys new custom Gallagher workplace safety program

Published 31 August 2021

Logistics business CouriersPlease needed to introduce an effective new safety leadership program to their expanding operation and chose Gallagher Workplace Risk based on their confidence in our innovative approach, long-term vision and risk consultancy skillset, above other competitors. A purpose-designed workplace safety package was developed as a result of collaboration between a number our knowledge experts. 

CouriersPlease had expanded its courier fleet and warehousing operations, which increased the plant, equipment and number of people in the workplace, driving the need for an improved workplace safety program. More workers required monitoring and supervision, and stronger leadership to effectively manage the environment and operational risks. 

The Gallagher Workplace Risk safety team identified what CouriersPlease wanted to achieve and how to upskill their current leaders – and with Zac Mullane, Senior Consultant – Safety, Eastern Region, formulated a safety leadership program and auditing it over a 12 month period.

“CouriersPlease wanted to upskill their front-line managers and they recognised the business growth and demands on the workforce required enhanced skillsets for their operational leaders,” Mullane says.

“We wanted to create a longer term partnership and to use data driven insights to measure the efficacy of the front-line managers which leads to tangible outcomes in risk management, safety and incident prevention on the ground.”

The Workplace Risk team designed the safety program comprising mini-eLearning modules developed by our safety education experts to provide quarterly learning and development to improve supervisor skills in identifying risks, engaging with employee teams and guiding them in adhering to safety practices.

Data based employee safety auditing and AI insights to support eLearning 

In addition to the safety education eLearning modules the program provides for 
•    an ongoing capability survey to record participants’ progress, with data supplied to the management team
•    a team feedback survey enabling team members to review their managers’ performance.

An artificial intelligence (AI) tool embedded in the custom built employee safety assessment survey platform will capture participant answers and highlight key words on their thoughts, feelings and behaviour through free text field answers in the capability and team feedback surveys.
The information from these quarterly surveys will be presented back to Couriers Please will deliver data tracking enhanced safety leadership skills and knowledge gained from the Workplace Risk workshops. 

“Developing the program has been an immersive and collaborative project which Gallagher is eager to present back to the CouriersPlease executive HomeSafe steering committee at the 12 month mark,” Mullane says. 

Interested in upgrading your business’s workplace safety education?

To access our expertise in reducing workplace injuries and impacts in the workplace connect with our Workplace Risk specialism now.


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