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Kicking goals for Australian soccer through protecting insurable risks

Published 17 July 2017

For aspiring players and die-hard fans alike, soccer is a consistent crowd puller, with audience and participation figures showing double digit growth in recent years and showing no signs of abating. That said, soccer is a risky business for players, clubs and spectators alike.

Football (soccer) has one of the highest injury rates in the top 10 sporting pursuits engaged by the Australian public. With up to one-third of injuries caused by foul play and venues in various states of repair and disrepair, having a well-constructed insurance game plan can make all the difference.

Steve van Leeuwen, Sports Practice Leader at Gallagher explains further, “Sports risk has many different aspects to it – from the condition of the venue and the pitch, ensuring there the appropriate governance layers are in place through to coaching and guiding officials on enforcing game rules and preventing unnecessary injuries.

It’s easy to lose sight of the risk that sits behind a competitive, team sport such as soccer, many of them complex and potentially costly to clubs.

Insurance is as much about education and prevention as it is about having a plan in place to respond to an unplanned event or critical incident where insurance plays a role in helping you move forward. A significant part of our work with some of Australia’s high profile sporting organisations is about having a straightforward conversation about areas where simple improvements can be made and also where there are gaps in governance, knowledge and understanding.

Sports, in particular at a local grass roots level, is often challenged by lack of funding. This can lead to important governance, training and on-pitch safety requirements being overlooked or worse still, ignored.

We would recommend anyone running or managing a sporting club to get in touch to discuss their insurance and risk management plan.”

More information on our Sports capability can be found here.

Background information:

  • Gallagher provides specialist sports insurance solutions and risk management advice.
  • We actively support Clubs, sporting associations, and advocacy bodies to better understand their exposure to risk and the steps that can be taken to successfully mitigate that risk.
  • For an obligation free chat about your current insurance arrangements, please contact Steve Van Leeuwen on +61 2 8838 5773
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