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How a cyber security platform can mitigate large organisations’ cyber risks

Published 27 August 2020

Australian organisations have been put on notice that they are the target of sustained cyber attacks by hostile attackers. The Australian government is officially warning all businesses to increase their cyber security risk management. Having cyber insurance is part of this, but preventative measures are also critical. Through our partnerships Gallagher can help with cyber security services to monitor, manage and mitigate cyber risks.

Consider an expert grade cyber security service for your organisation

Gallagher Australia’s partnership with Huntsman Security*, an Australian provider of defence-grade cyber security solutions, provides access to critical cyber risk management services (or products/systems) for larger organisations.

Given cyber risks change constantly, are growing in prevalence and in the nature of techniques used by cyber attackers, setting up a systematic cyber governance framework for your organisation should be an essential step in your risk mitigation plans.

“You can’t make cyber security a periodic tick-box exercise. To be effective you need ongoing visibility and understanding of where your systems’ vulnerabilities are and what needs addressing. Our partnership with Huntsman makes this capability accessible to our clients via the Essential 8 Auditor product.”

Robyn Adcock, Gallagher Cyber/Technology Practice Leader

Huntsman Security’s cyber security Essential 8 Auditor — key information

The Essential 8 Auditor toolHuntsman_Essential8_Auditor_Packaging_transparent

  • can be self-installed with only limited technical skill
  • delivers instant security control auditing that enables you to understand your current risk exposure
  • measures your cyber security against the recommended government framework, the Essential 8 cyber security controls
  • provides a benchmark of your systems’ resilience.

The tool audits your organisation’s security controls and their effectiveness as measured against the Essential 8 and provides a performance score for each control, determining coverage and identifying shortcomings and vulnerabilities. The information appears on a dashboard and can be exported for remote management and reporting.

In addition to delivering an immediate snapshot of your cyber security levels the Essential 8 Auditor is a useful risk management tool for compliance auditing and reporting. It generates point in time reports, or more regular summaries, to identify trends and delivers prioritised alerts.


The advantages of having ongoing cyber security monitoring

  • Unlike other business risks, cyber risk is dynamic – it can change daily so periodic assessments can limit an accurate picture of your current risk exposure.
  • The Essential 8 Auditor can be operated by anyone in the IT team, and is not limited to those with security engineering expertise.
  • The Essential 8 Auditor helps you benchmark your operation’s cyber security against the recognised government Essential 8 Maturity Model. Once you have recorded your baseline performance you can build a plan for improving areas of deficiency. The Essential 8 Auditor then measures the effectiveness of your improvements.
  • The data collected by the Essential 8 Auditor can be exported and shared with colleagues and senior business stakeholders for operational use or inclusion in security audit reports.

“Risk Management and ideally prevention play an important role in supporting cyber insurance cover.  We have formed these partnerships to help our clients have visibility and understanding of their risk, effectively protect themselves and reduce the likelihood of having a cyber claim,” Adcock says.

“Talk to one of our cyber insurance specialists to find out more about accessing these cyber security tools.”

Protect your organisation from cyber threats

Cyber insurance provides back-up for your security measures and means that you are covered for the cost of engaging professionals and associated expenses involved in the restoration and remediation of your systems, as well as reputational damage control, should you become the victim of a cyber attack.

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*If you decide to purchase a Huntsman Cyber Security plan, Gallagher will be paid a referral fee by Huntsman.

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