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Gallagher Australia’s mental health culture wins international accreditation

Published 07 October 2021

At Gallagher we have always understood that relationships of trust built by and with people are the basis of our business. As a family founded company, with the belief that every individual is important we sought accreditation from Mental Health First Aid Australia to equip ourselves with the skills to support, acknowledge and actively prevent mental health issues for our own people.

We received this internationally recognised accreditation, as a Gold standard Mental Health Skilled Workplace, having achieved – and surpassed – the required standards. 

We’re proud to record that Gallagher Australia now has volunteers, from all backgrounds and locations within our organisation, trained and accredited as Mental Health First Aiders.

“It seemed a natural fit for Gallagher to demonstrate our commitment to mental health and wellbeing in this way,” says Brianna Cattanach, Principal, National Education & Training, Workplace Risk at Gallagher. 

“The Skilled Workplace program allows us to demonstrate our industry leading approach as the first Australian brokerage to be recognised.”

Cattanach says that the Mental Health First Aid program itself aligns with the broader Gallagher objectives of supporting team members to maintain positive wellbeing and build resilience, through offering early intervention and creating every opportunity for team members impacted by mental health challenges to be supported. 

Plus, she says, there are strong links to the Gallagher Way code of doing things 

•    Tenet #2 – We support one another

•    Tenet #7 – Empathy for the other person is not a weakness. 

Holistic mental health staff training approach ensures spread and diversity

Gallagher has created a network of trained Mental Health First Aiders to support employees who may be experiencing challenges to their mental health and wellbeing. The support network is designed to be accessible to employees at all levels and sites in the business and has committed to three key principles of support:

1.    Be available and approachable for employees to have mental health and wellbeing conversations with.

2.    Be caring by listening without judgement, showing compassion and understanding that we will all experience challenges through our lives, the real strength is in talking about them and asking for help.

3.    Be practical by offering advice and strategies to support mental health at work, encouraging self-care and providing information about professional support services.

How Gallagher walks the mental health talk

In order to gain accreditation we also had to demonstrate 8 key mental health affirmative actions, such as
•    promoting mental health culture in the workplace
•    actively providing support to individuals
•    documented mental health policies and procedures 
•    regularly sharing mental health educational resources 
•    providing staff benefits programs
•    distributing communications about the role and capabilities of Mental Health First Aiders and the intention of the support network more broadly.

Gallagher was delighted to be able to report 20 affirmative mental health actions that are part of our standard business practices, both legacy and new initiatives in response to the pandemic conditions and the appointments of our Mental Health First Aiders. 

“These actions position us to best support our greatest assets, our people,” Cattanach says. ”They also ensure that we are better equipped to continue providing exceptional service and care to our clients. By creating a connected, supported and engaged workplace with empathy and understanding for the challenges we will all inevitably face, we believe that we are creating a culture that will allow us to thrive and respond with both technical excellence and support to our clients.”

Learn more about mental health programs and how our team at Gallagher can support your business in this space. 


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