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Access mental health workplace training for your business

Published 04 August 2020

For every business profitability is linked to productivity, which is dependent on your people. With 1 in 5 Australians suffering from mental health issues each year, according to the Black Dog Institute, costing businesses of $10.9 billion+ per annum, proactive management is essential. Training your organisation’s management team enables them to identify problems and people at risk, and forestall them before they fully develop.

Research by Price Waterhouse Coopers into the negative cost of mental issues for businesses, as cited above, also found that upskilling your people is shown to equate to a direct return on investment of 230%. Training equips your managers to deal with mental health issues and workers with resilience in dealing with stress, enabling a healthier and more productive workplace.

The award-winning Gallagher Workplace Risk practice offers a business/organisational level mental health and wellbeing training program covering 3 levels of workplace intervention and skills, facilitated by qualified occupational therapists with expertise in workplace mental health.

The program uses a range of interactive activities, case studies, practical tools and facilitated discussions, and is offered in a half-day (4.5 hours) onsite workshop or 2 x 2-hr online tutorials, with materials provided, limited to 24 participants per session. Face to face sessions can be arranged throughout Australia and New Zealand, and all of the content is also available online in interactive or elearning formats.

“There has never been a more important time for workplaces to prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of their people.”

Brianna Cattanach, Principal Consultant/National Education and Training, Gallagher Workplace Risk

“Unquestionably COVID-19 has already thrown all nature of challenges at businesses, however, the true mental health impacts are yet to be seen and have the potential to significantly affect businesses well after social distancing has become a thing of the past,” Cattanach says.

“Workplaces which want to set themselves up for success cannot make a more valuable investment than in their people and their wellbeing.”

Our workshops provide

  • tutors who are qualified mental health practitioners with workplace experience
  • case studies and workplace content specific to working environments
  • additional handouts and resources for use in workplaces
  • approaches to workplace health and safety obligations in a mental health context.

Find out more about the Gallagher Workplace Risk mental health and wellbeing program.

Management workshop aims and outcomes

Our mental health and wellbeing workshops help your management team ensure your organisation meets its duty of care under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Work Health and Safety Act, and equips them with key proficiencies in fostering and maintaining mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The workshops aim to equip managers with capabilities in

  • understanding mental health and how to promote a healthy attitude
  • recognising stress and its impact on the workplace
  • detecting early warning signs and symptoms of mental health concerns
  • providing early intervention within the boundaries of the role
  • meeting legal and organisational requirements for reasonable adjustments
  • managing and supporting mental health compensation claims
  • managing the impact of mental health claims on workplace culture
  • fostering mental health resilience through practical skills and tools.

What our clients say about the management workshops

“Brianna provided valuable insights and expertise into the practical applications of mental health in the workplace. The content was relevant, interactive and helpful for our leadership team to understand and navigate. Highly recommend.”

Reece Group


Workforce’s workshop approach and proficiencies

The content developed specifically for your business’s workforce supports them in being proactive about their own mental health and wellbeing, through providing practical frameworks and tools to help identify and manage stress in both their working and personal life.

Utilising a combination of experiential exercises, group activities, case studies, and educational tools, the workshop helps enable workers to

  • develop attitude to stress
  • approach mental health without stigma
  • explore sensitive topics in a safe environment
  • take personal responsibility for mental health and wellbeing
  • proactively seek help when needed
  • develop effective self-management tools
  • facilitate positive mental health outcomes.

What our clients say about the proactivity workshops

“Given the challenges experienced by most Australia’s at this time, Gallagher Workplace Risk offered a swift action plan to support our staff by way of training resources, educational programs and tools to protect our most important assets – our people.”

360 Underwriting


Benefit from our recognised expertise

The Gallagher Workplace Risk practice is a two-time iCare CASE Award winner for achieving quantifiable improvements in workplace safety and wellbeing for our clients.

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