Your business in safe hands


Safeguarding your legacy

As the largest family run brokerage in the world, we know the importance of protecting the foundations of business and the people who made our success possible.

When considering the next phase of your business, we believe it’s important to work with a partner who shares your commitment to building trust with your clients and investing in the people who have helped build a successful and highly regarded business.

We’re not in the business of merging just for volume. Since we acquired the OAMPS business in 2014 we’ve been steadily building a network of commercial and specialist brokerages to ensure home grown businesses across the country have access to a trusted adviser and partner helping protect their business interests.

Our purpose with our vendor partners is to provide them, their business and their employees a genuine opportunity to grow with a brokerage that is large enough to compete with the global leaders, but agile in its thinking and approach.

Be part of our Australian story

Founded by Arthur J. Gallagher in Chicago in 1927, Gallagher has grown to be a leading insurance brokerage, risk management, and consultant company. With significant reach internationally, our organisation employs over 34,000 people and our global network provides services in more than 150 countries.

A local partner you can trust

In Australia, since our acquisition of Wesfarmers brokerage OAMPS, we’ve become the chosen partner to more than 100,000 Australian clients, from small family run business through to multinational corporations.

Our network of more than 30 regional and metropolitan branches across Australia means we’re connected to local business communities which helps us better understand their needs.

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Support through every decision

We’ve been committed to doing the right thing since 1927. Our merger teams are dedicated to providing all necessary support to ensure your clients receive the very best service and your team are provided the opportunities to grow and be nurtured in a global family business. We understand that decisions around succession are difficult. It’s taken time to build what you have, to make your business a success and to create a positive workplace for your staff. We know that and it’s our promise to respect the legacy of any business that joins our family. It’s not all about the numbers; cultural alignment, shared goals and ensuring your legacy remains in tact are the foundations of our strategy. Gallagher has completed 25 transactions in Australia since 2014, with 35 principals/shareholders and over 200 staff joining the Gallagher family.

People powering you forward

Our commitment to work with you

In a challenging and changing market, we believe collaboration leads to confidence and shared positive outcomes. We take a personal approach to merger integration. We consider what drives each business, what made them a success and what their people do for their clients day to day. 

Dedicated and experienced merger team

A dedicated working group of professional across all functions of our business are committed to making integrations as smooth as possible for you. 
Teams across finance, IT, products and placement, legal and compliance, operations, HR, claims, business development and marketing will continue to support you as your business evolves as part the of Gallagher family. Supporting your daily operation  so you can remain focused on being a broker and helping your clients succeed.

Gallagher Employee Onboarding (GEO)

Our in-house employee onboarding process has several stages to help embed you and your people in the Gallagher business, including:

  • Q&A Panel with our Executive Leadership team. An opportunity to meet our business leaders and get a full picture of the Gallagher business
  • Broker system training
  • Legal, Risk and Compliance (LRC) Training inc.
  • Compliance Policies and Procedures
  • Code of Conduct Training

Gallagher College

Gallagher College puts personal and professional development in focus, providing a “one stop shop” for all training, learning and development and professional qualifications available at Gallagher. Your people will have access to clearly defined learning curriculum specific to their individual role.

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Family values driving good business

Aside from the business benefits, joining Gallagher connects you with our community people passionate about doing the right thing, treating each other with respect, understanding and kindness.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our commitment to our CSR initiatives are underpinned by our 25 shared values, penned in The Gallagher Way by our then chairman Robert E. Gallagher. We believe in action, and having won the title of one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the 10th consecutive year, feel like we are just getting started!

As part of the Gallagher Australia team, you will be able to join with us in support of our initiatives as we continue to provide environmental, social and economic benefits to the communities in which we live 
and work.

Be yourself at Gallagher

Gallagher is committed to driving an inclusive workplace for the benefit of our clients, employees and the communities in which we live and work. 

We foster an environment that embraces the diverse talents, perspectives and ideas of all employees, enabling everyone to reach their fullest potential. 

We strive to create a culture of respect and trust that is part of our Gallagher Way heritage, and is a source of strength in the marketplace. 

We are all one Gallagher and stronger together. 

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) forms part of our commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse business for the benefit of our clients, employees and their communities.

We acknowledge, respect and celebrate the rich diversity of histories and cultures of Australia’s First Nations Peoples, our RAP commit us a whole business to building and strengthening our connection with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of this country.

Partnerships with impact

Gallagher proudly partners with organisations, events, and teams that touch communities around the globe. From worthwhile charities to the excitement of premier sports and entertainment properties, the mission and the message of Gallagher are on display through partnerships.