Transport and logistics insurance

The value of transport and logistics insurance

Whether you operate a large national fleet, carry or store dangerous goods, are a regional enterprise or an owner driver, we safeguard your transport and logistics business so you can stay on the move, whatever challenges you encounter.

Our industry specialists understand your business sector and model because Gallagher has more than 30 years’ experience in catering to transport clients – and our on the ground presence of 30 branches means we are where you are across Australia.

We work in partnership with 4500+ transport and logistics clients nationally, and have expertise in

  • fuel and dangerous goods
  • general freight (including grain and livestock)
  • heavy haulage
  • warehouse and cold storage facilities.

Your insurance needs in a single package

Working with our partners in the industry, including peak organisations, we have developed three sector-specific insurance packages that are exclusive to Gallagher

These packages cover the risks we know are common for all transport operators and can be customised with a range of additional covers to suit your needs. We are a full service insurance broker and also provide risk management and insurance solutions for all the exposures your business might face, including workers’ compensation, health and safety and business income protection.

See how we cover whole of journey risk exposures here.

Alternatively, download our free Ultimate Guide to Transport Insurance.

Service when and where it counts

  • We specialise in catering to regional operations
  • We can tailor personalised policies
  • Emergency response team available 24/7
  • Single contact who stays in touch with you and manages claims
  • Our clients can depend on our industry knowledge and expert advice

For more detail download our service offering.

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Introducing Oilpac - fuel and dangerous goods insurance

Over the past 30 years, Gallagher has developed deep capability and expertise in the Australian fuel and transport sector. Through our national team of specialist advisors, we are looking after businesses of all shapes and sizes - from large globals through to regional multi-fleet owners.

What is Oilpac?

Oilpac is a fuel and dangerous goods insurance product that provides a base cover and additional benefits specific to the fuel industry. Where clients are looking for a more comprehensive cover arrangement, we can also provide expertise across management liability, business income protection, and credit insurance.

Oilpac includes a number of signature benefits, including:

  • Tailored wordings based on client and industry feedback
  • Access to a 24/7 Emergency Response team
  • Free advice on agreements and contractual matters
  • Full support of Fuel Industry Association
  • Transport emergency response plans

Introducing Truckpac - the ideal truck insurance solution

Truckpac provides your business with a base cover and additional benefits that are specific to your industry - including motor vehicle cover, public and products liability, personal injury and sickness insurances. The product has been built on a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing truck drivers in Australia and the need to protect goods in transit.

Key features include:

  • New vehicle replacement within 24 months;
  • Substitute vehicle cover for up to $10,000;
  • Dangerous goods liability up to $5m; and
  • General and Products Liability cover including property damage, personal injury plus Sickness & Accident cover.

And, much more.

SmartProtect Cargo and Carrier Extra

Exclusive to Gallagher, a solution offering comprehensive cover for clients that have any transit or storage risks locally and overseas.

Key features include:

  • Exclusive all-risk policy covering any physical loss or damage from any external cause;
  • Most normal exclusions are covered and automatically added on to the policy;
  • Annual open policy automatically insures your cargo on set terms, conditions and premiums without the need to contact your insurance broker each time; and
  • Priority service if you need to make a claim.

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How can a carrier protect themselves if goods inside a sealed shipping container are damaged upon arrival in a sealed container?

If the damage is discovered at time of delivery the receiver should endorse the delivery docket/packing list as ‘received damaged’ and the driver should co-sign.

What is the payout that I can expect on my five year old truck/trailer? Will it be the total sum insured?

The basis of settlement in most insurance policies is the market value of the vehicle at the time of loss or the sum insured, whichever is the lesser. To ensure you receive an accurate entitlement get regular agreed value sum insured assessments that are signed off by your insurer.

If a contracting transport company’s tow trailer is damaged am I covered by my prime mover insurance?

No, a prime mover towing for another company has a duty of care for the trailer and so requires extended trailer in control cover added to their policy.

The driver of a car in the inner lane of a roundabout came too close to my turning truck, was clipped by the trailer and is claiming for third party vehicle damage. Do I have any recourse?

Transport companies often carry the blame in apportionment decisions. Gallagher recommends the installation of onboard digital cameras, plus we have developed a Glove Box Kit guide to what to do in the event of an accident. 

I’m a sub-contractor to larger transport companies and lately my employers have asked me to sign a contract that includes particular covers such as comprehensive trailer in control or marine transit cover with full waiver of subrogation in favour of the p

No, because these terms will be additional add-ons to your policy so you won’t be covered until you update it. That will also involve paying a higher premium so you may want to factor that into your negotiations with the employer in question. 

If I pick up customer goods from a depot and they arrive damaged on delivery is this damage to the goods while in the trailer covered by my trailer in control insurance?

No it’s not. You need to take out either goods in transit or marine transit insurance, otherwise you are only covered for damage to your trailer, not the contents of the load you are carrying.

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