Transaction insurance

Transaction insurance consists of a suite of insurance solutions designed to transfer risks related to mergers and acquisition transactions, including:

  • Warranties and indemnities for either seller or buyer
  • Environmental issues
  • Tax
  • Prospectus liability

We are able to provide transaction insurance solutions to remove obstacles, which can delay or even block deals from being completed. Where negotiation between the buyer and seller is unable to resolve the differences, a warranty and indemnity insurance solution may break the deadlock.

Warranty and indemnity insurance can also be used to form part of a wider deal strategy. We can help you structure a Warranty and Indemnity insurance program to differentiate your bid when in competitive auctions to buy or sell investments.

Private equity firms have also used warranty and indemnity insurance when exiting investments assets from distressed vendors, where there is uncertainty over their ability to meet their warranty commitments.

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