Trade Credit

Trade Credit: protect your business from debtor default

Trade credit insurance cover is a practical measure for protecting business liquidity in the event of non-payment of accounts receivable by a key customer.

Any company that sells goods or provides services on credit terms is at risk of non-payment due to the insolvency of a key customer (liquidation, receivership or bankruptcy), payment default or continued non-payment by customers. Trade credit also enables exporters to protect themselves against political risks including contract frustration, export restriction, currency inconvertibility and exportation. 

The Gallagher trade credit insurance practice delivers tailored insurance solutions to protect your business by providing stability through assurance of payment and further opportunity for growth through expanding sales channels and volumes, making it a valuable strategic tool for increasing turnover and profitability.

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How trade credit insurance works

Trade Credit insurance protects manufacturers and service providers from the risk of non-payment, covering their losses if a debtor defaults on payment. Similarly buyers sometimes opt for a bankruptcy protection arrangement, which allows them to delay payments for an extended period.

Trade credit insurance policies are generally flexible and allow a policyholder to cover all or part of their portfolio by choosing from

  • a business’s entire debtor ledger
  • nominated debtors only
  • domestic customers only
  • overseas customers only.

Benefits of trade credit insurance include

  • underwritten by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) A-rated insurance providers
  • provides securities to stakeholders such as financial institutions and shareholders
  • enables business growth
  • flexibility of coverage
  • protects profits
  • regulatory compliance for some industries (eg: wine exports)
  • competitive premiums
  • tax deductible.

Why Gallagher?

  • We act as business partners to our clients’ companies
  • Single point of contact, continuous service
  • We provide regularly updated business intelligence on debtors
  • Claims management actioned swiftly
  • Payouts made within the quarter

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