Political risk insurance

Our political risk insurance team is a leading specialist in country risk. We provide political risk insurance solutions and advice to a variety of organisations and industry sectors.

Many organisations and investors have assets in offshore locations. Where that offshore location is administered by a foreign government, there is an exposure to political risk (sovereign/country risk). In certain regions governments have undertaken confiscatory acts – to the investors’ detriment – without fair compensation.

Foreign government intervention can also affect your ability to source new materials, secure and manage contracts with overseas manufacturers, set terms of trade and affect financial liquidity.

Political risks can also encompass political violence, war, civil war and forced abandonment, as well as currency transfer blockage. Investors may not have the usual legal remedies or compensation options that are available in Australia to address the impact of a government's actions.

To help protect your offshore projects, investments or funds flow, our Political Risk insurance team can assist you to structure a program to mitigate effectively against any of these exposures.

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