Multinational clients

Operating on a multinational scale exposes you to numerous business and financial risk exposures, as well as local governmental regulations that need adherence. It is essential that your global insurance needs are managed proactively and effectively, to leave you the time to focus on managing your business operations.

The Gallagher Global Alliance 

We provide comprehensive insurance broking services to multinational clients through the Gallagher Global Alliance, with brokers and consultants in more than 110 countries around the world.

Responsibility for service coordination and control of your global insurance arrangements will vest with our Australian multinational account team. Our team will provide you access to the best independent brokers available in each country, whilst our global alliance coordination means that you can be assured that your global account team understands your risk exposures and the local insurance markets in which you operate.

In our many years of handling multinational business, we believe that our approach will provide you with following benefits:

  • Access to alliance partners who are leaders in their respective markets and can offer a full range of brokerage services, including employee benefits and claims management
  • Centralised communication to your head office and controlled delivery of your global insurance strategy to your local offices
  • An entrepreneurial team approach, focused on your service needs
  • An alliance network comprised of long-term, committed partners whose service culture and business philosophy fit well with that of our Australian operation

Our approach will help you identify and manage those exposures which arise from conducting your business in diverse countries and regions around the world, ensuring the protection of your critical assets - both human and physical.

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