Middle market insurance solutions

Think opportunity

As the Australian economy continues to transition beyond the mining boom and look for new opportunities to grow and diversify, the team at Gallagher are working in partnership with the next generation of 'movers and shakers' to help them to unlock the right opportunities whilst fully understanding their risk position and insurance requirements. Middle market businesses are often ripe for innovation and disruption and there are certainly ways in which we can contribute and support those discussions.

Where we make a difference is in seeing not only the opportunity right in front of you but also where it could take you in the future.

Call 1800 240 432 today and ask to speak to one of our friendly insurance advisory team who will be delighted to hear more about your next opportunity and where we can support that journey.

What is middle market insurance?

Put simply, it describes a range of business insurance options that are suitable for "middle market" companies whose average premium value is in the region of $100,000 to $3 million. These companies have a specific set of needs that vary from small to medium businesses and large corporate organisations.

Middle market insurance: specialist capability areas

With specialist teams in over 30 locations across Australia's largest cities and principal business centres, you have access to smart thinking and high quality products.

Amongst others, here are some of the areas we can help:

Globally, we are supported by 850+ offices located in more than 45 countries, and the Gallagher Global Alliance, which provides service to clients in more than 150 countries. Through our international platform you have access to a wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise.

Please call 1800 240 432 if your enquiry relates to something not listed above. Our friendly team of specialist advisors are ready and waiting to assist.

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