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Gallagher Jewellers Insurance - a unique solution

For the past 20 years we have produced outstanding products and services for those involved in the Jewellery and fine arts industries. 

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We do - for Better and for Worse

With regard to your current insurance cover, have you considered:

  • Whether your current insurance policy provides 100% cover for your stock resulting from theft losses such as hold up or break-in?
  • If your business is robbed, do you have an insurance policy that will pay your fixed costs, such as rent and wages, while you are unable to trade?
  • Do you require extra cover for stock sendings (outgoing and incoming), or if stock is being lent out to be worn at an event? 
  • If you carry out valuations, are you protected from legal liability from alleged wrongful advice?
  • Whether your current security system meets the standards required by your insurance policy?

We are more than happy to look at your situation and offer you an obligation free quote to ensure that you are receiving the best fit at the best price. So, if you are unsure how your current insurance policy would respond in any of the above situations, let's talk. 

Let's go exclusive 

With specialist brokers located throughout Australia, you can benefit from our exclusive jewellers insurance policy offering 100% Lloyds of London security with market-leading cover. Hundreds of clients have already taken advantage of the flexibility, competitive pricing and enhanced cover that is hard to find elsewhere.

Find out more

Email our dedicated Jewellers insurance team to find our more about how we can help protect your business. We are delighted to be of assistance. 

Pearlers insurance

Given the unique risk considerations of pearls, we have specialised insurance solutions for those jewellers who have a weighting towards pearl sales/distribution/jewellery manufacture. Our bespoke policy is competitively priced and offers appreciably higher limits and discretionary covers than are otherwise unavailable under a Jewellers Block policy.


Our “Pearlers” policy provides comprehensive cover for pearls and related jewellery products:

  • Belonging to you
  • Held in trust
  • On consignment sendings
  • At your premises
  • In transit (Worldwide)
  • In the personal custody of approved custodians (Worldwide)
  • At exhibitions & trade fairs (Worldwide)

Policy features can include:

The basis of claims settlements is your selling price, thus includes your profit margin
Single annual declaration of sales and stock holding replaces declarations of sales trips, sendings, private dwellings, trade fairs etc.

For more information on this insurance policy contact our marine practice on 08 6250 8414.

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