Aviation insurance

Whether it's your weekend passion or your business, aviation has a unique risk profile. At Gallagher, we focus on delivering tailored aviation insurance and risk management solutions to meet the complex needs of aviation businesses and individual aviators, both recreational and professional. Our advice is based on technical expertise and practical knowledge of the risks you face in the air and on the ground.

Aviation insurance - landing you with the right solution

We provide you with a base cover and additional benefits to protect your business, fleet, passengers or hangar.

  • Aircraft Hull and Liability - This is the cornerstone of your aviation insurance program. This insurance protects you if your aircraft is damaged. It also covers you against third party, passenger injury and propery damage claims.
  • Hangarkeeper's Liability - Protects your business when it comes to damage to aircraft, equipment and personal injury while operating in and around airports.  
  • Aircraft Non-Ownership Liability - This is designed to give private pilots cover if they are involved in an event where the aircraft they are piloting sustains damage. It includes protection for third party, property damage and passenger injury.
  • Aircraft Aerial Application Liability - This product is for pilots involved in argibusiness. It provides protection when engaged in industry-specific activites, such as crop spraying.

We can provide supporting expertise across liability, employment practices, and credit insurance. Additionally, we are able to organise a payment arrangement so that you can spread your insurance payments over the year. 

aviation insurance

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