Hotel and pub insurance

Gallagher has been a leading provider of hotel and pub insurance services for over 30 years. We have specialist teams across the country - from Cairns to Melbourne and across to Perth - who are experts at identifying risk mitigation strategies and developing insurance solutions for hotels, pubs and bottleshops.  Our advice is based on practical, proven knowledge of the needs and challenges facing the industry in Australia. 

Hotel and Pub insurance

New risks continue to emerge for companies in the food and beverage sectors as a result of regulatory changes and an increasingly global business environment. Issues such as food safety, supply chain risk management, bio-terrorism, security, genetically modified organisms, global warming, and contamination can have financially devastating effects if not properly identified and addressed. 

These new business models are fast-changing and require risk management and insurance solutions not previously available or considered. Gallagher has maintained a widespread network of hospitality and tourism specialists offering support through all of its offices.

These emerging risks often mean that insurance programmes within the food and beverage industry are not specific and need to be tailored designed and implemented in a way that identifies and addresses your specialised risk spectrum.

Insurance and Risk Management Solutions

All businesses are different and we will look at all of your unique business risks, however below are some of the products that may be contained in your tailored insurance program:

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