Hairdressing insurance

At Gallagher, we understand it’s difficult for hairdressers to get the level of protection they need to ensure they have peace of mind for their business. Our policy is unique in that it can provide hairdressing salons in Australia with full malpractice policy coverage, ensuring cover not only for liability arising from treatments, but for any professional advice that may be given.

Cutting edge protection

We can help to protect your business from:  

  • All hairdressing treatments as well as professional advice given before, during or after the treatment
  • Incorrect mixing of chemicals causing burns and other possible injuries 
  • Breaches of Trade Practices Act where you are deemed to have mislead your clients about the treatment 
  • Cost of expenses for some regulator inquiries 
  • Damage to your customers' goods whilst you are treating them

So, whether you’re a hairdresser, wholesaler, salon or school, Gallagher can provide you with complete insurance and risk management solutions tailored to your needs. 


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