Fertiliser insurance

Fertiliser is a vital part of Australian agriculture. Our farmers need it to enhance productivity, making the fertiliser industry an essential part of everyday life. If you work in the fertiliser industry, Gallagher can help your business manage the insurance risks you face. As well as advice on the  optimum fertiliser insurance solution for your business, we provide visibility on the guidelines and best practices as set out by the Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA) - to which we've been a proud partner for nearly 30 years.

Fertiliser insurance - what do you need?

Gallagher can help you, whether your needs are specific to the transport, storage or use of fertiliser, or insurance of the machinery employed in fertiliser application. We'll help to measure and mitigate your risks, and provide a tailored insurance solution that is the best fit for your needs.

Our fertiliser insurance solutions protect your business, premises, farm, garage or depot from an array of risks. We can also provide supporting expertise across liability, employment practices, credit insurance and many other areas.

We enjoy a close working relationship with the AFSA, who have endorsed us as their fertiliser insurance broker of choice for nearly three decades. With that level of expertise, we can be relied on to advise you in the best interests of your business and look beyond price alone to provide optimum insurance cover and a high level of service. 

Our clients include professionals from all facets of the fertiliser industry, from manufacturing to distribution, sales to storage, transportation to spread, as well as consultants.

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