Convenience stores insurance

Did you know? 

One in seven service stations will experience an armed robbery resulting in loss of stock and cash, staff trauma, property damage and possible workplace safety breaches*

Expertise in risk management for convenience stores or service stations isn't found on every corner. At Gallagher, we focus on delivering tailored risk management solutions for your industry. 

We'll help fuel your risk management solution

Convenience Stores Plus is an insurance solution tailored for the specific insurance needs of the industry, including protection from fuel theft, ATM damage and armed robbery, among other things.

We can also provide supporting expertise across liability, employment practices, and credit insurance.

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We've also helped thousands of businesses put the right cover in place to protect their interests should the unexpected happen. Learn how our business interruption and business succession solutions can help you.

*Source: Australian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association (ACAPMA).

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