Civil contractors insurance

While you are busy running your construction business, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your risk management program and civil contractors insurance program has been developed with experts in their field is invaluable. At Arthur J. Gallagher we have a team of specialist insurance brokers in the construction industry who are dedicated to making sure that you and your business are positioned to financially survive any insurable event.

We have been working with the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) for over thirty years and are their endorsed insurance broker. We know the challenges that face businesses working in the construction industry. Whether you're involved in major​​ constructions, repairs or land clearing, Arthur J. Gallagher's construction insurance broking services are designed to support you with a tailored and competitive insurance solution so that you are prepared for the unexpected.

The importance of understanding your Civil Contractors Insurance 

One of the least scrutinised sections of any construction contract is often the section relating to insurance. These may be passed over because contractors are assured they just require the “standard” insurance cover that you “must” sign to get the work.

Beware, these can be minefields.  

Frequently they contain clauses which shift the balance of responsibility unfairly onto you, the contractor – leaving you personally exposed to potentially serious losses.

Three areas in particular can cause concern:

  • Where you are required to indemnify the principal against any claim;
  • Where you are required to make good any shortcoming or failure, regardless of the cause;
  • Where you are required to make good any loss or damage to the works during the course of construction.

In each of these cases you are being asked to assume the cost and responsibility for things which may be beyond your control and which may well not be covered by your own existing insurance policy.  You may even be required to effect additional insurance on the works to cover damage to the works during construction.  

We can tell you whether the things you are agreeing to are covered by your own insurance or whether you may need to obtain additional insurances. We may also spot unfair or unreasonable clauses which you can rightly refuse to accept. It doesn’t take long and it can save you a great deal of angst and cost later.

Civilpack: Your insurance solution

Arthur J. Gallagher can help to mitigate your risks and minimise what can be a significant financial impact on your business should the unexpected happen.  We provide you with advice on risk mitigation strategies, as well as a tailored and exclusive civil contractors insurance solution developed specifically for the civil construction industry. Our market leading product has been designed to provide you with the widest amount of protection at a competitive price.

Why choose Arthur J. Gallagher as your insurance broker?

We understand your business. We have a thirty year relationship with the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) and are their endorsed insurance broker.  Our close relationships with this peak bodies and our 9,000 clients nationally in the construction industry give us valuable insights into the challenges the industry faces.

We are where you need us to be. We are proud of our local focus in all metropolitan centres and regional centres. With 34 insurance brokerages nationally you will find us just around the corner.

If the unexpected does happen, we are there we you need us most. We have 89 years of insurance and risk management experience and are well positioned to proactively assist you with the guidance, support and advocacy required to ensure that you quickly get back to business. For more information about making a claim, please click here.

Contact an Arthur J. Gallagher broker today to find out more about our civil contractors insurance solutions for your industry. Click here to find an expert. 

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