Gallagher has dedicated teams with extensive experience across a range of industry sectors and specialist practice areas. Using in-depth analysis, we design and deliver cost-effective and appropriate solutions that take account of an ever changing risk and insurance environment.

As part of the Gallagher Global Alliance, our teams can also provide tailored insurance solutions for international risks.

Whatever the size of your business, call us today on 1800 240 432 for a no-obligation conversation about your insurance and risk management program.

Gallagher Global Alliance

The global insurance marketplace is complex and constantly changing. Procuring an insurance program that meets your worldwide insurance needs can be fraught with difficulties.  Within these changing conditions, you need to be sure your risk management program is legal, compliant and appropriately insures your foreign risks.

Gallagher’s expertise will navigate you through the complexities of international insurance.  

We’ll make sure you have a consolidated view of your risk exposures and your insurance program covers the breadth of your foreign risks. The strong values and work ethos that is typical of our worldwide network enables a high level of communication from our partners to ensure you get the very best out of the Gallagher Global Alliance.

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Call us today on 1800 240 432 to find out more about how our team of specialist advisors can assist your business with its insurance arrangements.

Alternatively, the quick list below may have what you're looking for:

Accommodation insurance

Fertiliser insurance

Newsagents and lottery agents 


Financial Institutions

Nursery and plant growers insurance

Aged care & health services insurance

Fuel and dangerous goods insurance

Professional services insurance

Aviation insurance

Hairdressing insurance

Real estate agents

Beauty therapy

Hire and rental insurance

Recruitment Insurance

Builders' warranty insurance

Hotel and pub insurance

Restaurant and catering insurance

Bus and coach insurance

Jewellers insurance

Retail and Trades insurance

Civil contractors insurance

Learning and business development insurance


Construction insurance

Manufacturing insurance

Tattoo insurance

Convenience stores insurance

Marine insurance

Technology industry insurance

Creative industry insurance

Media insurance

Tourism insurance

Energy (oil & gas) insurance

Medical insurance

Transport and logistics insurance

Engineering and architecture insurance

Mining and Resources insurance

Truck insurance

Entertainment & venue management

Motor trades insurance

Recreational and Historic Motoring Clubs

Farm insurance

Natural therapies insurance


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