Disability Service Providers

Disability service providers do invaluable work in our community. It’s therefore vital for the whole community that you, and the work you do, is properly protected through disability care insurance.

Why do Disability Service Providers need insurance?

It is a fact of life that accidents and mistakes do happen and unfortunately these can sometimes have legal, reputational, regulatory and/or financial consequences.

Insurance policies are put in place to protect individuals and organisations when they need to make a claim. These claims can be anything from a lost laptop to a complex liability matter.

Some services that you deliver to clients are riskier than others. In order to gain a clear understanding of your risk exposures, it’s sensible to work with an insurance broker with expertise in providing risk management advice and appropriate insurance solutions.

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Why should I choose Gallagher

Gallagher has deep knowledge of the disability services sector and your legislative environment, including recent and ongoing legislative changes in your industry.

This means we can provide you with the best, most relevant advice for your unique risk exposures.

As one of the world’s largest insurance and risk management companies, our ability to leverage our global presence means our clients can access our exclusive, competitively priced products.

Our insurance has been developed specially to cater for the unique needs of the disability service sector – from sole traders through to large organisations. It offers a wide range a flexible covers, is extremely competitively priced and is exclusively available to our clients.

For full details of what we can cover you for, contact our specialist Broking team. Call 1800 931 134 or email the team.

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