Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate travel insurance: how is your business travelling?

Airlines pride themselves on their in-flight service, but sometimes there are factors outside of the control of the professionals getting you from A to B.

Whatever size your business, travelling to meet with clients and colleagues, domestic or overseas comes with a similar set of risks that are not necessarily covered with the insurance on your Credit Card booking.

Having helped over 100,000 Australian businesses, we have used our knowledge and experience to design a leading solution to suit your needs. SmartProtect Travel offers flexible insurance to help protect you while your in transit. Benefits can include:

  • Cover up to 101 years of age
  • 183 day trip duration, 365 days for one off trips
  • Unlimited medical cancellation cover
  • Leisure Travel for nominated executives
  • No terrorism exclusion

Policies start from

$450 +charges*

Call us today on 1800 240 432 to speak to our specialist advisers. Alternatively, visit our website at for more information on our unique insurance solutions.

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