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No business or industry is immune – if you have an internet connection, you are at risk of a cyber attack.

Not a day goes by without a major cyber attack or data breach hitting the headlines. In fact, a recent study has found that a cyber attack is launched every 39 seconds[1]. No business or industry is immune – if you have an internet connection, you are at risk of a cyber attack.

With cyber criminals continually finding new ways to access your data, records, servers and networks, having the right cyber security and risk management is essential to avoiding a cyber attack or data breach. And if something does go wrong, cyber insurance helps you pick up the pieces.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Think of cyber insurance like any other insurance cover you have. If there is a fire at your property, your insurance cover will help you rebuild, and cyber insurance is designed to help you get back on your feet in the aftermath of a cyber incident.

Cyber insurance gives you access to a panel of experts, from legal and PR advice to IT specialists to help you control, contain and coordinate your response to a cyber incident and can cover you for a range of threats and outcomes.

Our insurance brokers' approach to risk management helps you to achieve the right level of cyber insurance cover. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of your business and industry, and work in partnership with your team to implement a robust risk management program that protects you now and into the future.

Connect with us to request a cyber insurance quote or proposal. Our insurance brokers have the expertise and experience to obtain the insurance cover you need.

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What does cyber insurance cover?

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    Impacts from a variety of cyber attacks – such as malware, ransomware, social engineering and human error
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    Government fines and penalties
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    Forced closure/down time for your business
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    Incident response and investigation costs
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    Loss, recovery and decontamination of data

Review your cyber risks

BrAin box coupled with the incident response aspects of an insurance policy can deliver a comprehensive cyber security strategy for small businesses.

Gallagher BrainBox

We’ve partnered with tech security experts Amplify Intelligence, who have developed brAin-box as a cyber safety solution specifically for small businesses that don’t have in house cyber security expertise.

BrAin-Box is a cost effective bank-grade cyber threat intelligence package that’s easy to use and gives you visibility of your own cyber risks

User friendly functions include

  • generating advice on next step actions to defend your network and make it more secure
  • tracking of software updates and notice of when to ditch obsolete applications
  • a monthly snapshot of potential threats and a progress report on how effectively the business is being defended
  • alerts about any gaps in cyber security
  • proof of compliance with security controls.

To find out more about how brAIn-box can boost your business’s cyber protection, talk to your insurance broker.

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