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CAMS National Insurance Program

Gallagher are a proud partner of CAMS and it with great pleasure we provide the a National Insurance Program designed to improve aspects of CAMS members’ physical, legal and financial safety.

What is covered?

The CAMS National Insurance Program provides two key areas of cover:

  1. Personal Accident Cover

  2. Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Cover

Personal Accident cover:

Personal Accident insurance can provide financial assistance to insured individuals (including CAMS license holders, crew, officials and volunteers) who sustain an injury during a CAMS affiliated club or permitted activity.

PLEASE NOTE: The Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) prohibits general insurers from covering any item listed within the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).  For further information, please refer to our web site or visit

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Cover

Public Liability insurance can provide protection for insured organisations and/or individuals against legal and associated costs that may arise if accused of negligence.  Professional Indemnity insurance provides protection for insured individuals against legal and associated costs that may arise if accused of negligent acts, errors or omissions.

When does cover apply?

Motorsport Permits:

In general, most activities under a CAMS Permit such as official races, official practice sessions, social permit events, etc. are covered by the National Insurance Program. 

Sporting Car Club activities: 

In general, most activities conducted by affiliated sporting car clubs such as committee meetings, social events, fundraising, working bees, etc. are covered by the Program.  

Enthusiast Car Club activities:

In general, most activities conducted by affiliated enthusiast car clubs such as social events, static displays, fundraising, committee meetings, etc. are covered by the National Insurance Program.  

NOTE: Please check with CAMS Permits and/or your Gallagher sport team contacts prior to any activity if you are in any doubt about cover provided for your activity or event.

For complete coverage details, please obtain more detailed policy information from the Downloads section of this page.

Certificate of currency

Please click here for a copy of the CAMS Certificate of Currency.

If you require a tailored Certificate of Currency or require an interested party to be noted for your event under a CAMS Permit, please email the Permits Team at for further assistance.

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Does the CAMS National Insurance Program cover the liability of contractors, sub-contractors, hirers and other service providers?

The CAMS policy provides no indemnity to third party persons or organisations for liability they may incur as a result of their own negligence in respect to their activities at CAMS permitted events. A Certificate of Insurance must be obtained from all individuals or entities that are not insured under the CAMS public liability policy who provide goods and/or services for an event. This includes any third party person or entity that will be conducting activities at the event/facility.

The third parties must provide a Certificate of Insurance that proves that they have current Public Liability insurance that:

  • Provides a limit of liability of not less than $10,000,000, and
  • Has been extended to indemnify the CAMS Permit Holder or CAMS Affiliated Club as an interested party in respect of such liability.

The third parties must also prove that they have current Workers Compensation cover for their employees (where applicable).

Where the third party involved is conducting motorsport/vehicular activities, they must provide a copy of their public liability insurance confirming cover for negligence associated with those activities. A standard public liability policy is unlikely to provide indemnity for legal liability incurred as a result of participation in motorsport activities, hence the importance of ensuring that the third party involved has appropriate insurance protection in place.

Please note, the CAMS National Insurance Program does extend cover to contracted individuals who are acting as an official within a CAMS Permitted Event.

What is the insurer’s definition of officials/volunteers?

An official/volunteer is a person whose duty it shall be to direct and control event activities under a CAMS Permit and may include stewards of the meeting, chief observer, clerk or director of the course, secretary of the meeting, medical officers, fire officers, time keepers, chief scrutineer, scrutineers and machine examiners, observers, spectator area marshals, marshal zone security officials, flag marshals, judges, handicappers, starters and such other officials/volunteers as the organisers, CAMS may deem necessary.

They shall be termed officials and/or volunteers and may have assistants to whom any of their duties may be delegated. An official/volunteer may also be an individual person who places him/herself at the disposal of the event organiser for the purpose of assisting in the conduct of an authorised CAMS motor sport event.

Does the Public Liability Insurance meet the requirements that property owners such as councils may require as part of their lease agreement?

The intention of the CAMS Liability policy is to indemnify all Property Owners whist their Property is being used for a Permitted CAMS event in respect to any claims arising directly from the Motorsport Activity occurring on the Property Owners land.

Please contact the CAMS Permit department if you have been asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance noting the interests of the property owner and/or Government/Council.

Does the liability policy cover us for club social / non-motor sport activities?

The public liability section covers liability resulting from non-motor sport activities such as, but not limited to, committee and club meetings, social gatherings, fund raising activities, working bees and the like.  However, some club activities may require a CAMS Permit.

Affiliated Clubs are covered by the CAMS Insurance Program where:

  • Only club members are participating in the activity;
  • A CAMS Permit (event or social permit) is NOT required; and
  • The activity does not involve the general public.

Contact the CAMS Permit department regarding social permits required for certain activities. A permit is not required for club meetings or working bees.

Are we covered for third party property damage?

The public liability coverage extends to insure all CAMS Affiliated Clubs and CAMS Permit Holders should a third party accuse the CAMS Club or Permit Holder of negligence resulting in property damage. 

For example, a fence is damaged during a rally event and the owner of the fence sends a letter demanding the cost of the fence be paid for by the Permit Holder. In this case, the Permit Holder should complete a Public Liability claim form including a copy of all correspondence and incident reports.

Please note, the excess for all Public Liability claims is $10,000.  Please contact Gallagher or CAMS for further information regarding below excess claims.

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