Care and Not-For-Profit

Care and not-for-profit insurance to match the specific risks you face.

Insurance for the care and not-for-profit sector can often be complex and needs to be designed to fit your specific needs. No matter what element of the care or not-for-profit sector you work in, having the right insurance cover can give you the confidence to focus on what you do best.

Our knowledge of the disability services sector, aged care and community care and the legislative environment surrounding the industry means we can help you find the right insurance and provide you with the most relevant advice for your unique risk needs.

Different businesses face different risks and have different insurance and risk management needs. Our care and not-for-profit insurance specialists get to know your business so that they can offer the right insurance cover for you and our priority claims service is there when you need it most.

Looking for insurance?

Some of the common risks identified by our specialist insurance brokers and claims experts for the care and not-for-profit industry may be mitigated by the following insurance policies:

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    Material Damage
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    Business Interruption
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    Public Liability
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    Professional Indemnity
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    Management Liability
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    WorkCover / Worker Compensation

Disability Service Providers

Disability service providers do invaluable work in our community. It’s therefore vital for the whole community that you, and the work you do, is properly protected through disability care insurance.

Why do Disability Service Providers need insurance?

It is a fact of life that accidents and mistakes do happen and unfortunately these can sometimes have legal, reputational, regulatory and/or financial consequences. Insurance policies are put in place to protect individuals and organisations when they need to make a claim. These claims can be anything from a lost laptop to a complex liability matter. Some services that you deliver to clients are riskier than others. In order to gain a clear understanding of your risk exposures, it’s sensible to work with an insurance broker with expertise in providing risk management advice and appropriate insurance solutions. 

To have our team contact you or complete a form for a quote, click the button relevant to you.

Aged care

Our specialist Aged Care insurance brokers have great experience in the aged care industry.

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Aged Care insurance provides protection for the compassionate and committed organisations that work with some of our communities most vulnerable members.

Owners, Board Members and Managers of private and not-for-profit aged care facilities such as Convalescent Homes, Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes and Residential Care facilities face a wide range of organisational and workplace issues.

They understand that rising costs of medical indemnity, changes in government legislation and worker’s compensation are some of the key issues facing the aged care industry. Let us help you rest easy by assisting you put an insurance program in place that cares for you, your staff and your organisation when the unexpected happens.

You protect those in your care. Let our Aged Care insurance solution protect you.

We recognise that your aged care facility is unique, and so are your insurance and risk management requirements. We are focused on deeply understanding your organisation so that we can position you to financially survive any insurable event, and we have a team of specialist insurance brokers that are able to deliver on our promise.

First, our insurance broker will work with you to access each risk inherent in your aged care facility, then we help you manage, mitigate or eliminate those risks. We act on your behalf in the insurance market and have relationships with Australia’s largest and most competitive insurance companies. Our expertise ensures that the insurance options we obtain for you have no gaps in protection and no expensive overlaps. The result is a comprehensive, cost effective insurance program tailored to the needs of your organisation - the right insurances at the right price. 

Supporting communities through local partnerships.

Local organisations are a vital asset to the community. They're a place to connect, to communicate and to support the health and well-being of others. 

We believe in the value of supporting the community through associations and partnerships, and we're proud of our roots in the local Australian community. That's why we've been working hard to develop a competitive insurance solution for not for profits and community organisations. We've leveraged our local and international resources to develop an extremely competitive and comprehensive insurance package that is an excellent fit for not-for-profits. 

Ongoing care and support

We want to be your trusted insurance partner and build an on-going relationship with your organisation. This means that we go the extra mile. If the unexpected does happen, we are there when you need us most. We will guide, support and advocate for your organisation through the claims process so that you are able to focus on what's most important.

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