Australian Veteran Cycling Council

Gallagher is proud to partner with the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC). To bring additional value to your membership, we have built an insurance program that specifically addresses the needs and insurance requirements of veteran cyclists throughout Australia.

This policy covers your activities in connection with your sport. We encourage all members to take out additional personal insurances, such as life insurance, health insurance and income protections, in accordance with your own needs and circumstances.

What follows below is a quick guide to the 2015/16 Australian Veteran Cycling Council Insurance Program. It is an overview of some of the main covers of the policies and instructions on how to make a claim. Please refer to the full policy schedule and wording in our download section for details of the full terms and conditions.

What kind of insurances are in the Australian Veteran Cycling Council program?

We have developed an insurance program for AVCC members that provides broad public liability, product liability, professional indemnity and personal accident insurance cover.

Who is insured?

All registered AVCC members including employed coaches, registered officials, administrators and voluntary workers.

What is covered for AVCC members?

For registered members of the AVCC, benefits are applicable to injury occurring during any and all bike riding activities 24hrs a day, unless the AVCC insured member is competing in an event or race that is not conducted under the endorsed protocols of the AVCC Inc. Cover also includes staying away from home and travel to take part in sanctioned competitions, training sessions or administrative activities. Participant to participant cover is included.

Volunteers may also be covered when engaging in activities that have been organised by and are for the AVCC.

An injury, in context of this policy, refers to a bodily injury which:

  • is sustained during the policy period and whilst engage in the insured activities
  • is a result of an accident caused by sudden, violent, external and visible means
  • occurs solely and directly and independently of any other cause, including any illness, sickness, disease, pre-existing physical or congenital conditions or heatstroke


What are the Benefits?

Australian Veteran Cycling Council

How do I make a Personal Accident claim?

The AVCC needs to be made aware of your injury at the time of the occurrence, or within 7 days after.  Please ensure an injury report from is completed by contacting your club representative.

To make a claim for an injury, take the following steps within 30 days of the injury occurring.

  1. Obtain a claim form from your club secretary or download one from the AVCC at
  2. Arrange for your club secretary to complete the declaration
  3. The club secretary needs to forward the form for verification to the state secretary
  4. The state secretary then forwards the form to Gallagher within 30 days of the incident.

How do I make a Liability claim?

It is essential that you notify Gallagher immediately following an incident that has the potential for a claim. Speak to the Sports Team 

Documents for download

Download our quick guide to insurance, summary of insurance coverage or full Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording here. In the case that you need to make a claim, please download our claim form.

Find out more

Speak to our dedicated expert today about our insurance and insurance risk protection programmes specific to the AVCC. 

Why am I not covered for the 'Medicare Gap'?

General insurers in Australia are prohibited by the National Health Act of 1953 from making any payment on any expense for which a Medicare benefit is paid or is payable including the balance of monies due or payable by you after deduction of any Medicare benefits or rebate from the actual expenses incurred. This is commonly referred to as the 'Medicare Gap'.

Why am I not covered for the same amounts, or even the same things, under my sports policy as my friend is under his sports policy?

Sports policies do vary. One insurer’s policy will not necessarily cover the same as another insurer’s. The terms, conditions and exclusions can differ. An expense covered by one company’s policy may not be covered by another company’s policy. In addition, the level of policy benefits provided are flexible – the sport will generally have the opportunity to select the amount of cover it requires – obviously for adjustments in premium.

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