Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA)

Jewellers Association of Australia


Gallagher partners with the Jewellers Association of Australia 

As jewellers and operators of jewellery businesses, the risks you face are different from many other businesses. We understand this. That's why the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) has appointed Gallagher as an endorsed broker due to our expertise and experience in your industry.

Make it exclusive: benefits for Jewellers Association of Australia members

As an endorsed broker for the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA), we offer a number of exclusive benefits to JAA members.

  • A 15%- 25% discount on your current premium* 
  • No rate increase for 2 years*
  • FREE risk survey and risk management advice for all jewellers with $100,000 + in stock value
  • FREE cover within pre-specified limits for glass, wearing & exhibition, landlord’s fixtures and others 
  • Our exclusive, market leading product that has 100% Lloyd's of London security
  • Sendings and carrying cover - local, Australia-wide and world-wide
  • Accidental damage cover up to full sum insured
  • Cover for stock entrusted, being worked upon and while at your home

​*Conditions apply, please refer to the 'Specialties' tab above for full terms.

Let's talk

Email our dedicated Jewellers insurance team to find our more about how we can help protect your business. We can also look after all your business insurance needs, including cyber insurance, workers compensation and management liability. Just ask.

Not a member of JAA? Find out more about the benefits of membership here.

As a part of our new relationship with the Jewellers Association of Australia we are offering exclusive pricing to JAA members.*

  • Recieve between a 15% up to a 25% discount on your expiring policy terms (last years premium)
  • Get a 10% discount off renewal terms from your current insurer
  • No rate increase for two years!

* Terms and conditions

  • The percentage discount is based on existing declared values
  • The discount will only apply to a comparative product for the same level of cover
  • No deterioration in claims history over the previous 12 months
  • No reduction in security
  • 15% - 25% discount option, excludes existing Gallagher clients
  • 10% discount option, excludes quotes from other JAA endorsed brokers
  • The client must evidence their expiring policy terms / renewal terms to receive the discount.

No rate increase for two years is conditional on the following subjectivities:

  • No deterioration in claims history
  • No reduction in security

Why would I use an insurance broker?

You use an accountant to give you tax advice. You use a solicitor to give you legal advice. In the same way, it makes sense to use an insurance broker to give you insurance advice.

An insurance broker is skilled in knowing the right questions to ask to find out the risks you have, and then ‘broking the insurance market’ to negotiate with insurers on your behalf to find the best deal for you that gives you exactly the right cover you need at the best price.

A solid insurance program gives you peace of mind when the unexpected happens at claims time by making sure that you’re:

  • not paying for anything you don’t need,
  • not paying for expensive overlaps across policies, and
  • covered for everything you do need.

How do I make a claim?

Contact our dedicated national claims team on 1800 240 432

Am I covered for valuations?

When carrying out valuations there could be a risk that your customer suffers a loss and feels the item was undervalued. Professional Indemnity protects against your legal liability from alleged wrongful advice. Even if you think you are innocent, the defence costs involved can be enormous. We can provide you with an option to include professional indemnity insurance within our jewellery block policy.

Am I covered for seasonal increase?

We can provide you with options allowing an automatic increase in stock for your busy periods, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, at a low additional cost. This gives you peace of mind throughout the year and removes the need for you to notify your insurer or broker of any increases in stock.

Am I covered for stock whilst it is being worked on?

Are you repairing or cleaning jewellery? The Gallagher wording can extend to cover property whilst you are actually working on it for any damage that results directly from your work.

Am I covered for theft of stock from vehicles?

It is normal in your business for stock to be carried not only by you, but also by your representatives, agents, messengers and/or delivery hands. Our policy can cover you whilst it is outside your premises including whilst in an unattended vehicle, as long as it is hidden from view and the vehicle is locked.

Am I covered for stock at exhibitions?

Do you ever bring stock to exhibitions or trade fairs? Our policy offers you $10,000 of cover automatically for property whilst at an exhibition, or whilst travelling to and from an exhibition.

This can be increased according to your needs.


Am I enjoying low excesses?

The Gallagher policy is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. We can provide you with the excess level suitable for your risk appetite.

Is my basis of settlement appropriate for my business?

If valuable stock is damaged or stolen, replacement cost may not be an appropriate form of compensation for you. The Gallagher solution allows tailored settlement options created specifically for your specialist exposures, e.g. historical cost price plus 10% (or higher if needed).

Are you a Pearler?

Given the unique risk considerations of pearls, we have specialised insurance solutions for those jewellers who have a weighting towards pearl sales/distribution/jewellery manufacture. Our bespoke policy is competitively priced and offers appreciably higher limits and discretionary covers than are otherwise unavailable under a standard jewellers policy. For more information on this product visit the specialites area on our main Jewellers page or contact our marine practice on 08 6250 8414.

Please note JAA member discounts are not applicable to this policy.

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